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Category: OTC medical devices
Active substances: hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, Chamomilla vulgaris and Centella asiatica extracts
Therapeutic class: Gynaecology
Pharmaceutical form: vaginal suppositories


Hyaluronic acid is the body's own substance that is similar to the glycoproteins of human cervical mucus due to its viscosity and molecular weight. After exogenous administration, it is able to incorporate itself into the intercellular mass of tissues, where it performs several functions.

Ialuna vaginal suppositories contain hyaluronic acid in combination with vitamin E and plant extracts. Thanks to the synergistic effect of these substances, Ialuna helps to restore the vaginal mucosa in case of irritation, itching or discomfort. Hyaluronic acid also helps to hydrate the vaginal mucosa due to its ability to retain water. It maintains the physiological level of tissue hydration, normalizes the vaginal environment, and helps to ensure the lubrication required to eliminate all pathophysiological phenomena associated with vaginal dryness. It can also be used to restore internal vaginal conditions after childbirth and gynaecological surgery.

Ialuna effect on the vaginal mucosa:

  • mucosa hydration: hyaluronic acid is able to bind a large amount of water to its surface, hydrating and lubricating the mucosa
  • mucosa healing support: improving and accelerating the mucosa healing process
  • decrease in vaginal pH: thanks to the combination of hyaluronic acid and vitamin E
  • increase of natural immunity: hyaluronic acid prevents the attachment of bacteria to the surface of the vaginal mucosa
  • antioxidant effects: capture of free oxygen radicals by hyaluronic acid and vitamin E
  • inflammatory reaction regulation: hyaluronic acid regulates the activity of the immune system

Ialuna vaginal suppositories

  • combination of 4 active substances
  • 10 pcs of suppositories included
  • no limitation in the duration of use
  • simple dosage – 1x daily, at bedtime
  • suitable for all ages

Available OTC medical devices:
IALUNA, vaginal suppositories - 10 pieces