Our Pillars


The best form of therapeutic solutions for patients

Kvalita vždy na prvom mieste

Quality in IBSA is based on what is best for the patient, and hence  IBSA focuses on excellent standards of manufacturing without ever losing sight of caring for people’s health,  setting itself apart for providing patients and doctors with innovative systems with superior levels of efficacy.

IBSA products are inspired by nature, in the sense that they have been designed to be aligned with the human body: physiological formulations inspired by a physiological model that imitate the functions of human organs and systems as closely as possible.
IBSA’s constant tendency to develop state-of-the-art therapeutic solutions is the symbol of a complex process, which places quality and innovation alongside progress in caring for people’s health, giving patients back their lives, full of values and expectations for the future. In this sense it can be said that IBSA is looking for the best form of  therapeutic solutions for common use, which have been studied and designed in order to improve their compliance.
A virtuous circle that, starts and ends  with patients, offering them practical formulations that are easy to take and quick to assimilate, in tune with their material and natural needs,  contributing to a higher quality of life.