Our Pillars


At the core of IBSA values

Človek a jeho starostlivosť: náš koncept humanizácie

IBSA Group’s primary focus is on people: patients and their families, doctors, investors and employees. The company’s commitment to people is recognized in every employee, from researchers and developers to its sales team and production department.

Placing people at the core of its values and with the priority of alleviating their pain and discomfort, IBSA substantially humanizes patients, concentrating energy and efforts on the areas in which it can make a real difference, providing quality solutions for specific physiological, relational and social requirements.
Respect for the uniqueness of the individual is what fuels IBSA’s interest in research, offering  patients therapeutic solutions in their best form -  the result of  a deep understanding of the physical and mental limits subsequent from a certain state of health, identified through observance and direct dialogue.

In this context, IBSA looks with particular pride upon its employees’ strong spirit of identification with the Group’s values and mission of caring innovation and sees the direct relationship with doctors and the sharing of information coming from patients as the first step in  fundamental therapeutic dialogue.
This crucial phase aims to understand the physiological characteristics of diseases, and leads to the creation of innovative care solutions, but  also revitalizes the essential relationship of trust between doctors and their patients, making a clear commitment to the fulfilment of the idea of providing the best care possible.