Our Pillars


A social and ethical function

V IBSA je zodpovednosť spoločenská funkcia, ktorá presahuje rámec zdravotnej starostlivosti

For IBSA, manufacturing pharmaceuticals implies taking care of people’s general health and wellbeing: this is why responsibility towards the individual and the environment are values held strong at all levels in the company.

The company’s philosophy has an underlying inspirational key principle, according to which the wealth that comes from the development of a productive economic activity makes sense only if shared: it is with this particular approach that IBSA sees the social function of its work and the consequent ethical responsibility towards the individual and the environment.

To this end, in order to share its idea of healthcare by highlighting the adoption of sound practices in social and environmental protection, the group drew up its first sustainability report in 2016, which collected and described data on the company’s performance and approach towards sustainability for the 2015 business year, also examining the last three-year period, in order to present an overall comprehensive view. The report for the years 2016-2017 will be published at the end of 2018.

V IBSA veríme, že solidarita zohráva zásadnú úlohu a prostredníctvom nadácie IBSA preukazujeme náš záväzok v živote komunít, v ktorých pôsobíme, a poskytujeme podporu kategóriám populácie, ktoré to najviac potrebujú.